Svätojánsky kaštieľ, hotel, Liptovský Ján, Slovensko


Hotel Svätojánsky Kaštieľ ***

Svätojánsky Kaštieľ hotel is considered to be the birthplace of Martin Szentiványi, a polymathic Jesuit, professor and rector of the Trnava University in Trnava, who was born in 1633. He was an excellent teacher, organizer, scientist and canon law specialist in Hungary. His scientific works are considered to be the first purposeful concept of academic activities of the Trnava University in Trnava. He was a pioneer of the encyclopedic genre in terms of content and form in Slovakia. He laid the foundations of the Enlightenment in Hungary.

Facade of the original mansion in the Renaissance style from the 17th century was reconstructed in the first third of the 19th century. Glazed loggia in the main facade is the only external part of the mansion preserved to the present day. It consists of four huge columns with Ionic capitals. The mansion has retained the part of its original urban structure. The chestnut alley has been retained from the original park, too.

In 1860, the owner of the mansion was Mária Svätojánska (*1833), whose husband was Eduard I. Podturniansky (*1832–1881). Mária’s father, Štefan XXIV. Svätojánsky (*1782 – 1839), was probably the initiator of reconstruction process from the old neoclassical Renaissance mansion into the modern one. Both were in line of descent from Andrej Svätojánsky, which was in direct line of descent from Štefan. They were members of the Liptov Evangelical line. The current mansion was built on the site of the original mansion by Ján X. Svätojánsky (1699), the second son of Gašpar VIII. Svätojánsky (1616). Mansion was founded during the mid-17th-century. During the division of property between the four of sons in 1644, Ján X. inherited his father's ‘lower mansion’ (mansion with parcel no.132), which was co-owned with his brother Michal VIII. Svätojánsky (1668 – 1680). After reconstruction process Ján X. abandoned the father's mansion and left it to his brother Michal VIII. After Ján X. Svätojánsky, mansion passed into the hands of his youngest son, Juraj VII. Svätojánsky (1709), who was the only one of the descendants of Ján X to remain in Liptovský Ján. Descendants of Juraj VII. remained in the village in the following centuries. Above-mentioned Štefan XXIV. Svätojánsky was the great-grandson of Juraj VII.

Svätojánsky family with Pongrác family were the most important Liptov families that gained the rulership of the several counties of Hungary. Up to the dissolution of the monarchy Svätojánsky family affected the history of Slovak region of Liptov because its members held many prominent posts in the counties.

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